Hello Rochester, I'm Blake, I also go by B-boy Paradox. Paradox by definition is a contradiction which is both true and false at the same time, It tends to be a circular enigma which has no specific label or understanding. It tends to fit quite well in not only my B-boy lifestyle but my barber life as well, I may not seem like a typical barber, because I'm not. My barber career started in 2011 attending Shear Ego International School of Hair and graduated in early 2012 with my Master Barber License. I'm young in the profession but the art of hair cutting is deep rooted in my family, from my mother to aunts and great uncles as well as my great grandfather, a Sicilian barber from Palermo. I'm extremely honored to get to hone my techniques in such a professional atmosphere surrounded by highly skilled artists. I've been blessed in life growing up around a vast variety of cultures and lifestyles and thoroughly enjoy the melting pot that is POPULAR DEMAND!. I Challenge anyone to find a more diverse barbershop. my young but a bit of an old soul, stop in have a cut and a conversation and i promise you will make Popular Demand your second home either in my chair or any of the master craftsmen we have down here. 

See you soon 
Blake "Paradox" Anthony 
-Make Your Next Cut Your Best Cut-
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Blake Anthony